Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting

By Jessie L. Morgan Friday, March 15, 2019
The world of the IoT is not as easy as we thought. Let’s take a look at our article to learn more about it and how it influences the cloud hosting.

Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting
Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting

Do you know about the IoT (Internet of Things)? How many percents can you estimate its effect on your enterprise? This technology has burst onto the scene recently and a large number of companies are about to catch onto this trend. The list of companies involved includes not only small and medium-size but also Global 2000 ones. You may be curious that why they turn by turn bring the IoT to cloud hosting. The answer is that they might not be aware of how much it can harm their system.

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What is it taking place?

Perhaps everyone all wants to know more about how it is going and why it is relatively risky to the cloud hosting as well as IT. Let me make it clear by giving an example. In case the HVAC system (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) of one building has some problems with physical devices or actuators and this stuff stops working. The most common way to address this issue is that they usually replace by using other smart devices.

Which consequences does it lead to?

However, the most crucial point is that when they use these new devices they were unaware of the risk of the IoT. Due to the fact that these IoT devices have their own operating system and even maintain its own database. Sadly, individuals who take responsibility for this action do not know about this existence and keeping replacing their company’s network. Somehow the company’s cloud hosting is damaged because of that.

The fact is that hacking the IoT devices are not challenging and the system can be attacked a mile a minute. Hence, all of the information including data and password will be taken away to serve many bad purposes. When we cannot ensure the security for our company, the trust from not only clients but also employees is far away.

Furthermore, all of the worst things are still spread once company using the IoT devices. The danger and risk might go up to a new level as when we upgrade to many other devices such as printers, copiers, etc. they are likely to turn against your system. Of course, we cannot turn a blind eye to the potential of the cloud system is also attacked. We all know that once the cloud is assaulted, the consequence is relatively terrible.

Bear in mind that you should throw away the thought of money can exchange anything. As the matter of the fact, not all expensive devices can make sure your cloud hosting system to be safe. Hordes of enterprises fail into the trap of splurging on the costly item but the firewall was still broken.

What should we do?

Unfortunately, in the next few years, the IoT will be used widely, hence it becomes an extremely big issue when the cloud hosting is laxer than any before. This problem is likely to occur at any enterprise. Perhaps, the business’s owners will devote a large amount of not only money but also time to fix the mistakes and the consequences led from this technology.

However, we are only disenchanted after making huge mistakes and suffering by losing money from an unsuccessful business deal. Hopefully, companies are able to learn from those mistakes to give more corrective decisions as well as actions.

I will let you know how corrective an action is. One tip from experienced individuals is that if the IoT providers cannot give their customers the same level of security as the public cloud suppliers can, reject it without hesitation. Even they have such appealing advertisement with a lot of attractive discount programs, you still should not use it. The security should be always put in the top priority, once the information is leaked, you and your company will lose the competitive edge on the market. Of course, it has a far-reaching influence on the revenue. In fact, many IoT enterprise is trying to enhance the security, though the secure IoT devices are too slow. That’s why some people criticize that those efforts are worthless.

All in all, Steve Jobs once said “Stay Hurry. Stay Foolish”, we cannot be mature if our life runs smoothly without any trouble. Even we know that the IoT can bring disadvantages for company’s security though why don’t we dare to try it and the lessons we learn from that is well worth it. However, from my own perspective, I do not encourage companies, my clients as well, to do that but if they have their own plan to develop and expand their business, why I have to prevent them from doing it.


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