Everything You Should Know About Cloud Hosting

By Jessie L. Morgan Thursday, December 6, 2018
You probably hear Cloud Hosting, but you do not have a solid understanding of this concept. You come to the right place because of this post for everyone to know more about this service.


In recent years, Cloud Hosting is a new term for hosting which has become popular. The major concept of cloud hosting is Divide and Rule. Although it has been released for a long time, still not many people know what is the Cloud Hosting Service?

Cloud Hosting

In fact, they do not know how to intend to rent Cloud Hosting and use shared hosting often lose many of the strengths of cloud technology. If you have the similar issue about Cloud Computing, you should spend much time for reading.

Before inventing the Cloud Hosting technology

Computer models evolved over different historical periods due to the development of computer and communication network infrastructure.

For the first generation to the third one, computers are still bulky and expensive computers. At that time, application programs are developed at very high costs due to the lack of programming language friendliness, the rigorous operation, and use of the system.

The fourth generation of computers appeared in the 70's so far with the appearance of processors with friendly programming languages, which are more suitable for each specific application field.

With the introduction of personal computers in the early 80's by IBM and Apple, computing was widely and universally popular.

In the 1980s (especially in the 1990s), this is the age of technology and network infrastructure. Communication has evolved tremendously with the advent of global Internet connectivity, and the explosion of Web applications.

In the early 21st century, telecommunication infrastructure has converged on digital technology. The technology connects wired, wireless via copper cable, optical cable, satellite, wifi, 3G, 4G network, etc. allow a network connection to reach the remote area and poor remote regions.

With the development of ICT infrastructure, computing devices are also very diverse from supercomputers, large server rentals to personal computers, laptops, smart mobile devices or power generators. Popular mobile phones can all be connected - a connected world.

When the world of computing is connected, how to get the most out of it at the lowest cost and fastest? How does a business have an ERP application system within 24 hours? How does a software project have a development environment with a project management tool available within 4 hours? How can the head teacher in the highlands have an application for managing records and lesson plans without having to go through the steps of "installing" or "backing up" data?

It is not possible to address the same needs, but it can be said that Cloud Hosting is expected to meet those needs, bringing high-quality IT products and services to every requirement.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a service that functions as a web hosting that stores data, application based on the website but is divided in the form of the cloud should own a lot of outstanding features.

When using cloud hosting, users will avoid the impact of hosting a server but still ensure the cheap.
Most services are provided to enterprise customers, organizations, and e-commerce websites. Even individuals and forums have high requirements for efficient, stable and scalable data management. Whenever there is a need, the speed of website access is extremely fast.

Cloud Hosting is based on cloud computing platform, improving the speed of hosting access, increasing data security and limiting hosting to 99%. Cloud Hosting will bring customers peace of mind and build the highest efficiency in businesses.

How does Cloud Hosting work?

Cloud Hosting is based on the cloud computing technology using the best server platform of the world's major server vendors such as Cisc along with Cloud Storage system with storage principle.

Also, it operates on the CloudLinux operating system and more than it uses load balancing technology between servers together to create a much faster access than other types of Web Hosting. Security of the database is also higher, and it minimizes the possibility of Downtime for the Website.
Cloud Hosting has a significant advantage over today's traditional hosting solutions such as the use of resources and the security of a cloud-hosted website that is always guaranteed on multiple servers instead of just one.

The cloud computing technology also eliminates any physical limitations for the development and makes the data storage solution extremely flexible. The stability of the system Cloud Hosting compared to traditional hosting up to 300%.

What will you receive benefit from Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting allows small and large website owners, without any name, to benefit from the latest technology at a price that can satisfy all users.

Cloud Hosting based on the most advanced technology in the world today allows an unlimited number of servers for a website or a website system.

It also allows for very high expansion, allowing users to use the resources and security of a cloud-hosted website secured by multiple servers. Cloud computing technology also removes any physical limitation for development and makes storage solutions extremely flexible.

You will not have to worry about security or data backup mater. All your databases on the website will be backed up continuously and absolutely safe.

If there is any server in the system experiencing a malfunction, the system will automatically switch to another physical server.

Some Cloud Hosting models in the world such as WordPress.com, Facebook.com, Apple's iCloud service. The system always has a steady performance.

How will Cloud Hosting develop in the future?

Various enterprises and companies have been using Cloud Hosting for many years; especially small business owners will save lots of bucks on their budget. This is a true story because the costing has decreased over last 5 years, but the quality still is stable. Some medium-sized companies also change the cloud arena and support their business system a lot.

In a nutshell, several businesses around the world have gotten a valued investment by changing Cloud Hosting. However, some small companies have not upgraded the latest infrastructure to use this new platform because money is a certain concern to them.


Cloud Hosting is still a new model, more accurate platform of application and exploitation of new computing, which is considered to be very potential and highly effective. Hopefully, everyone will be familiar with the use of software and data storage outside their homes, offices through interacting in the cloud.

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