The Problems Surrounding Big Data & The Cloud

By Jessie L. Morgan Friday, April 12, 2019
One of the leading issues that's making things even worse rests in the technology industry which instead of solving problems is focusing only on recent trends. Not that long ago, everything was about clients, distributing data, and web services. Now, it's about machine learning that even though is important, there are other issues that must be addressed.

Enter Big Data And Lose Indexing & Search:

Unfortunately, indexing and search were thrown to the side of the road which has caused even greater problems. Many believe that the web would be a great deal smaller if search portals and Yahoo had reined in the 90s but then came the dot come and guess who rose to the top, Google. It was search that actually created big data and today's machine learning trend. Companies such as Google and Facebook needed to find out how to deal with their indexing and huge data distribution on the scale of the internet. They needed to find and organize data after discovering they needed services, content, and ideas from large groups of people, especially from the online community.

The Problems Surrounding Big Data & The Cloud

Once Amazon invested in search technology, they blew the doors off the retail market. Let's face it, if there is something you need, you're going to visit Through their technology, they will often suggest what you are looking for before you ever start a search. Even though this technology is starting to slip away, many businesses still utilize the built-in search in their commerce and can't figure out why their conversions and engagement are at an all time low.

Some businesses will move some of your data to SaaS, other data to PaaS, more data to IaaS, and across many vendor's cloud platforms while keeping other data behind a firewall, it's no wonder you can't find anything.

Redefining Integration:

For this world of cloud computing and distribution, redefining integration is a must. There was a time that data integration meant taking all the data and putting it in one place such as databases, data warehouses, etc. Unfortunately, what happened, data was being moved farther away from indexed technology. Now, integration means going to the source of the data and getting rid of duplicated information from computer data uploaded from many different places and getting the results.

To integrate properly, you need a single search answer that will reach out to your on-premise data and your cloud data as well. What you do not is a search tool that can only search one source of data, serving only one source at a time and cannot be used behind a firewall.

We need search to be able to find data and analyze it all together, no matter where it is located. You need tools to get to where the right data resides, not just dumping everything in one place.

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