Google announces plans to review its cloud storage services

By Jessie L. Morgan Saturday, June 29, 2019
Upgraded cloud services will be launched by Google for all its users; this is welcome news because the new features will include better storage management and other related services.

Google announces plans to review its cloud storage services

One aspect of these changes Google is making in its cloud storage services that will appeal to all users is the reduced prices. Now, the new and better features of cold storage and other options can be more accessible to a wider range of customers.

If you fall into the category of customers who have huge demands regarding storage, there is no need to worry because Google has you covered. The new cloud storage system will also feature a multi-regional cloud storage services through which data will be easily accessible via all the Google cloud data establishments at different locations. This gives you faster and more reliable access to your stored information. What about the backup files? Companies backup files that are rarely accessed (archived data) and Google has rolled out a Coldline Storage services for organizations who need this service.

Many firms have launched their cloud storage services, and in order to remain competitive in this field, Google has made these changes to hold its existing customers and to attract new businesses. Google promises a reliable service which will promote internal operations in organizations and the recently launched Coldline storage platform has features which compete with important services in this field such as the Amazon Glacier Cloud services.

This chart shows the different tiers of Google Cloud Storage.

Customers who wish to use the multi-regional storage option offered on this new platform will be permitted to choose among the following locations to store their data; the U.S., EU, and Asia. The stored data will then be replicated and securely stored in Google’s data centers located in different regions. This means that customers will always have access to their data because if one center goes down, the data stored in other centers will be made available.

This service is priced at 2.6 cents per GB monthly. It is most suitable for applications such as serving video and businesses which deal with networks used for content delivery.

The Coldline storage system provides a means through which customers can archive their backup files. This data will, however, remain quickly accessible when the customers need the information. Reports have indicated that the content stored on this platform can be accessed in milliseconds after a request has been sent. The charge for these services is 7 cents per GB monthly. And customers will be charged 5 cents per GB of data retrieved from the system based on their requests.

The Regional storage is the rebranded standard storage offer from Google. The stored files in this system are securely preserved in one GCP region. And now, this service is cheaper, at 2 cents per GB monthly. There were, however, no changes made to the features of the Nearline storage service which is designed for backing up files.

Google has identified the need to support its customers who wish to manage their cloud storage usage across the various storage offers by introducing the latest data lifecycle management feature. Now customers can store data in the multiple tiers provided by Google’s and manage the processes from on platform; it is essentially a collection of data stored in the GCP. Also, customers can take advantage of the new policy feature which makes it possible to move data across the various tiers depending on how long it has been stored. Customers’ data that have been stored for a long time will automatically move towards that Nearline (backup service) and the Coldline storage.

Customers will no longer have access to the Durable Reduced Availability tier of storage; it is an old system which allows businesses pay lower amounts for storing data that they will rarely need to access. Google is eliminating the DRA which was priced at 2 cents per GB the same price for the recently introduced Regional storage offering (Existing customers will still have access to their DRA storage).

Google has expressed high hopes that these changes and reviewed prices will encourage more customers to use their cloud storage services. New cloud storage products are always welcome especially at lower costs, but we will soon know how well the public acknowledges these new changes.

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