Big Data Analytics In The Global Market

By Jessie L. Morgan Thursday, September 12, 2019
What do you know about big data analytics? Why is it important in the world market? Keep reading this article.


It is undeniable that public clouds will become a promising method for analyzing a huge amount of data in the near future. Applying it in today technology ensures a concrete platform for the value. Admittedly, the work of analyzing big data at present time is so far different from that of previous days. Many specialists do hope that there will be a significant change in this field in coming years. I will help you understand more about this issue in my today article.

A significant change of big data analytics

In a recent report conducted by the Global Industry, the analytics of big data in 2017 tended to increase by more or less 25% compared with the previous year. This figure shocks a lot of people as it happened faster than others predict.

big data analytics

Furthermore, many companies and enterprises are investing their money in analyzing big data. Wikibon has just predicted that there will be an 11% growth of global data analytics in 2027. This number can peak at around 103 billion US dollars at the global level as well. Some specialists strongly believe that the global market may be kept stable thanks to the application of big data analytics.

There is no doubt that a big shift will happen in the upcoming decade. In this field, the public cloud is expanding its influence in the world big data analytics. Nowadays, it appears that 3 main big data analytics providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Their revenue and fame have pervaded to all corners of the world in recent years.

These large providers are changing their own organization and enhance the technology by applying more and more updated applications. They can account for roughly 60% of global big data market in the future.

Additionally, benefits that public cloud brings for users apparently overtake those that private one does. The reasons for this are public clouds always updating their systems and they also solve all problems in a quick way and exactly.

At present times, users prefer to use multivendor big data analytics rather than traditional methods in some ecosystems. In fact, they are applying superior features of big data analytics to enhance the effectiveness and avoid commercial risks on the global market.

Databases also are being fixed to be suitable for new applications. Of course, the old form of database in previous times seems to be out of date. And, it can become a menace to our systems. To avoid being affected negatively, big data analytics providers are experimenting new applications.

In some cases, vendors also implement feasible approaches to deal with this weak point. They try to restructure principal databases’ abilities. If successfully, the data analytics will open more new opportunities.

Challenges to big data analytics

Even though a noticeable change in global data analytics in the coming decade, there are also some challenges to this field.

One of the biggest hindrances to global data analytics is complexity. It is undeniable that the nature of data analytics and its applications seem to be still very complicated. This creates a long process for resolving stemming issues. Therefore, vendors have to concentrate on simple applications such as interface, architecture, and other essential elements.

Another weakness of global data analytics is that this filed has a cumbersome process. To some extent, it is still expensive, inconvenient, and ineffective. Thus, vendors should have their own solutions to reduce some difficulties.

Long time for pipelines also is a certain obstacle for the global big data analytics. There is no doubt that this service is important for current trends in the modern global market. However, the way that it analyzes big data wastes a lot of time.

Wikibon highly recommends users to take advantage of public clouds in analyzing big data. This will certainly help you ease some problems of global big data analytics and save up your time as well as money as much as possible.


By and large, global big data analytics has been changing so fast in recent years. It is foreseen that in the near future, this area will account for a large proportion of the world market. If you know how to take advantage of big data analytics, you can avoid some risks and difficulties of the global market. I do hope that my today article can help you insight into this field.


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