How Do Big Data And Machine Learning Help Companies?

By Jessie L. Morgan Monday, September 16, 2019
What do you know about big data and machine learning? How can they help us? Keep reading my today article.

 Big Data And Machine Learning

It is undeniable that in our modern technology, machine learning, and big data have gradually been an indispensable part. In the near future, I think that these above Artificial Intelligence products will dominate all structures in technology. Of course, when machine learning cooperates with big data, it will bring surprising effects in tackling different complicated issues. My today article will help you insight into this field.

Background of big data and machine learning

There is no doubt that combining big data and machine learning is very important in the modern technology. They also bring a lot of opportunities for businessmen.

In fact, the term “machine learning” emerged in IT from the 1990s, however, it has just shown hidden potentials when being used in some applications.

At the meantime, big data is a new product of Artificial Intelligence from 2013. According to a recent report, 90% of the global data was produced by big data in 2015 and 2016.

So, the question is why combining big data and machine learning can produce beneficial outcomes. I will show you better understandings about this issue in the following part.

Why combining big data and machine learning can bring great benefits

1. Facilitating customer segmentation

Determining a group of distinct individuals among those who have common similarities is a normal task in business. To some extent, this seems to be an essential step for all companies and corporations.

It comes as a no surprise that machine learning is very good at implementing this task. High level of accuracy of algorithms in machine learning can ensure the ability to indicate clearly similarities and differences.

Thus, your companies can take advantage of the above power of combining machine learning and big data. To fulfill this, you need to take some crucial steps:

First of all, you should determine what advantages the combination of machine learning and big data can bring to your business. If you are sure that, this implementation can produce fruitful results, it is time for you to focus more on data analytics.

Of course, machine learning does not help to solve all problems exactly but it can build segmentation infrastructure.

2. Targeting feasible and effective

It is also obvious that when you find the way to determine distinct needs for applying the combination of big data and machine learning, you will sooner or later certainly have some good results for your companies.

In some cases, you should spend time for researching into customers’ intention as well. This will help you collect more information and realistic experiences. Big data and machine learning can do this task well.

The way that Google utilizes the combination of big data and machine learning is a very striking example. Thanks to this implementation, Google can handle all complex issues with algorithms.

Ads are also specific targets of big data and machine learning. For instance, Netflix and Pixar have invested effectively in this filed and had a large amount of revenue.

3. Fostering predicative analysis

After collecting and finding information related to customer’s preferred choices and behavior, it is also necessary for companies and corporations to have possible predictions. This can ensure that the combination of big data and machine learning can produce fruitful results.

To make these anticipations feasible, you also need to apply different kinds of algorithms effectively.

4. Providing Foundations for Risk Analysis and Regulation

In many situations, big data creates chances for machine learning to analyze and synthesize quickly. The American Express used this method in finding fraud cases. They took advantage of big data and machine learning in analyzing both previous and present events.

It is highly recommended that your company or corporation can utilize this combination to cut down cases of financial fraud or deficit. IBM is a good example of this action. This organization makes use of big data and machine learning to predict financial risks and manage all revenues.


General speaking, big data and machine learning are two key elements in the modern technology. They will certainly play a superior role in the near future. Of course, if companies and corporations take advantage of these IT products, they can avoid risks and gain more benefits. There are four main reasons why combining big data and machine learning can bring great advantages for us. I do hope that my today article will provide a helpful source for you in this field.


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