The Today’s Cloud Computing Market

By Jessie L. Morgan Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Do you want to know the future picture of the cloud computing? Then, you should follow some big giants in the industry and guess!


As the Cloud Computing is popular and competitive in today’s digital world, there are several companies doing their businesses about this industry from small scales to large ones like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc...

The Today’s Cloud Computing Market

Therefore, as a client, you should follow this trend to select the best web-hosting service provider whether you need to change the cloud computing platform immediately or for the upcoming time.

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Why should all business owners use the cloud-based structure?

The certain reason for this issue is hyperspace. The databases of a company are increased, and internal employees do not have time enough to control and save these carefully.

Using the cloud-based platform will support them keep their data on websites and other services effectively.

Large enterprises like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have built a solid infrastructure for the cloud computing. Their data centers are much more efficient and bigger than other companies.

For many years, they have rented some computing capacity from developers to other companies. Thus, a company or a developer can use a credit card and start undertaking unlimited computing power.

Thanks to the cloud computing system, all businesses can serve more clients with much less time and budget to improve the performance than they could do on their own data centers. They do not get stuff about maintaining the servers like traditional platform.

All the certain cloud computing platforms provide the similar basic set of services as follows:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): this is the most standard structure of the cloud computing. It probably gives clients with storage and virtual servers at once.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): this is the setting tool and service which support developers construct applications easily without concerning about which servers they have to run.
  • Software as Service (SaaS): this refers to all applications which run in the cloud like Microsoft’s Office 365, Google’s G Suite, and Salesforce’s products.

The standard game plan for all vendors in this industry is to create their services ideally to both large companies and independent software.

Clients ought to feel cold in their toes for the first place of using with a single application. However, when their businesses grow, the cloud service vendors are better than the cloud usage.

How Amazon reach much success in the cloud computing industry?

For Amazon, they recognize something which calls the virtuous cycle to help control the cloud industry quite well.

When they have more clients log on a cloud platform, they have more servers to add. The servers increase can take advantage of the scale of the economy with reasonable price points for other patrons and build an impressive brand image.

Amazon got the first step in the cloud computing field, and they step onto far away from other companies.

Today, their web services climb at the top of the mountain with more than $12 billion in revenue thanks to the first step of Jeff Bezos in 2006.

In fact, AWS invented the cloud computing market. They had five years to start before other companies had gotten their act together.

For the first time of launching, they just provided a standard of infrastructure services. Clients ought to get access to virtual servers via a service of Amazon called the Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. Also, users enable to use AWS for file storage through Amazon Simple Storage Service or SC3.

AWS was used by smaller developers to check things and run some simple websites. Many of those applications and websites grew and used the AWS’s services. Netflix, Airbnb, Slack followed the main of AWS’s offerings.

Thanks to this trend, Amazon is a pioneer in the virtuous cycle. Amazon enabled to invest more company features with higher-performance services. The enterprise can attract more popular and top-notch applications and websites.

How about Microsoft?

It is said that in the famously competitive industry like the cloud computing, all giants would have competed to Amazon.

Nonetheless, Microsoft had been attending the cloud computing market since the mid-2000s, but they did not display their product – Azure. Until 2010, they had launched it.

Like Microsoft, other giant enterprises treated the cloud computing as a fad. Later, they have seen it is a future necessary which affects their businesses in the data centers.

With Microsoft, they identified that if customers changed to AWS, their clients would not want to use Windows Server and SQL Server which were popular and priced millions of dollars. These were used in most data centers of enterprises.

So, this giant technology-software company wants to begin with their product to serve their clients.

The cloud computing of Google

With Google, they also have some common products such as Gmail, YouTube, search engines, and other services.

The similar technology supports these websites catch billions of users every day, so Google Cloud customers enable to run their applications and services faster, better, and much more affordable than they run on their servers.

There is no denying that Google can make a innovation in the cloud computing industry. When Docker starts the craze path which called software containers, Google also had run a similar technology in their data centers.

Then, they released Kubermetes technology which handles lots of software containers without paying any fee. That being said, Kubermetes has become a small hit which helps Google can polish their image on the market.


When it comes to a cloud computing platform, you should remember and consider some famous technology-software giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Additionally, you can check and follow the cloud computing market through big enterprises from countries to the world. This is the bottom line for you to choose from. Then, you can go for a specific option and start using the cloud-based workload right away.

This is a cloud war, on the one hand, that these companies determine the whole picture about the industry totally. One of them can probably own the future of the cloud computing for the forthcoming time.


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