Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

By Jessie L. Morgan Thursday, September 12, 2019
Don’t let your start-up fall behind the game. 10 reasons below will help you understand why you should adopt cloud hosting.

Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

Nearly 2 decades after its first premiere, cloud hosting has shaped the way individuals and organizations storing and handling information and applications. In the age of cloud hosting, information, applications, software, data can be stored in a big amount and shared within connectors with security. Cloud computing allows users to access their files and data via a cloud-hosted server, which means you no longer need to keep everything on your physical computer system.

To keep your business alive in this fast-paced world, it is essential to keep up and adopt cloud hosting to manage and store your vital information. Below are 10 reasons why you should adopt cloud hosting as soon as possible.


Is it safe to use cloud computing service? The answer is yes. The server-host is paid to watch the system closely, alert and prevent any security problems. Compared to a myriad of IT problems in a physical computer system, security threats included, cloud platform is generally safer.


Security threats are what concerns most of the cloud users.

A survey form RapidScale claims that over 90% of businesses witnessed the security improvement after installing cloud computing. The secret lies behind the adoption of encryption in encoding data. Encryption makes sure data is less accessible from hackers and unauthorized individuals.


The cloud server offers a highly flexible option for businesses. First, you don’t have to pay too much attention to computers, storing issues, IT problems, and infrastructure for databases. If you need extra space for new-coming data, the cloud can upgrade to a bigger platform. If you need extra bandwidth, it can also provide you instantly. No need to worry about the complex infrastructure you need to upgrade using the local server. Using cloud computing gives you more choices and flexibility to focus on the business targets.


Cloud computing allows you to access your data, files, and applications anywhere via smart phones or mobile devices. Anyone from busy manager to outsourcing staffs who are unable to come to the office can get their hands in the files.


In the digital age, data can be converted into money. Analyzed data gives businesses insights of which direction to go and how to launch their next projects. Many cloud services offer cloud analytics in which users can carry out tracking mechanisms and draw up reports and analyze data. This will help increase efficiency and broaden future insights of the business.


Cloud system eliminates inconsistency and human error in data by allowing many authorized individuals to access and cross-check the information. The stored information in the cloud-based system stays in the same place and in the same format will help businesses avoid confusion and dilute data.


If you worry about money, you are not alone as 20% of organizations are worried about the initial cost to launch cloud computing. There are free-cloud options with less secure for things that are not necessarily important. And pay-as-you-go options for essential information. Using cloud service helps you save time and money for start-up projects. Clouds often feature many useful tools to manage and process information. Since you pay for the suitable storage package, you don’t have to worry whether if these features are not necessary.


IT managers can save money and resources for cloud adoption.

Disaster recovery

Using local server from computers to store data increase your risk of lost data, and in some worst cases, unable-to-recover data. The cloud-based system provides solutions to any scenarios from natural disasters such as earthquakes or downtime such as power outages. Your data can be retrieved as quickly as possible leaving no damages, though the retrieving period depends on how severe the situation is.

Loss prevention

If you use the local server on your computer to store data, you likely to experience local hardware problems. The problems can be so severe, you end up losing your information and data permanently. Computer malfunctions are so common and unavoidable. The solution to this is using cloud computing. First, you can always recover your lost data on cloud servers. Second, your data is generally safe from any hardware malfunctions that cause permanent data loss. Your data is protected and accessible from any mobile or immobile devices via the internet.


In this digital age, the winner is the one who constantly aware of what is happening around. Your business, especially when it is new, need to step up the game before your rivals. The cloud-based system increases your competitive advantage. A study from Verizon shows that over 70% of businesses believe the cloud gives them chances to go ahead of the game while 16% believe the competitive sense of adopting cloud computing is critical.


Sustainability - Cloud system

The cloud system is virtual and environmental-friendly.

Since you don’t need a large number of computers to store information, you have made a big choice to switch into a sustainable path not only for your business but also for the planet. The cloud is definitely more environmental-friendly since its infrastructures are mainly virtual services, not physical hardware. The cloud helps your business cut down on paper waste, and increase energy efficiency.

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