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What should we prepare for AI in the machine learning era?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Saturday, March 16, 2019
What do you know about Artificial Intelligence? How to prepare for this significant change in machine learning? Keep reading this article.


AI has been a familiar technical term in our modern lives in recent years. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is applied in various different fields and will play an indispensable role in the near future.

AI Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Why will machine learning become a promising marketing tool?

By Jessie L. Morgan →
Have you ever heard of machine learning? What do you know about it? How can it help us on the market? Keep reading my today article.

machine learning
machine learning

Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting

By Jessie L. Morgan → Friday, March 15, 2019
The world of the IoT is not as easy as we thought. Let’s take a look at our article to learn more about it and how it influences the cloud hosting.

Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting
Another perspective about the IoT to the Cloud Hosting

The best concern for your cloud computing strategy

By Jessie L. Morgan →
For your business, are you using the cloud aggressively or passively? What is the best concern for your cloud computing strategy? Find out more in this post.

cloud computing strategy
The best concern for your cloud computing strategy

All You Need to Know about Cloud Computing

By Jessie L. Morgan → Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Cloud computing will be changed the entire digital world and our lives for the upcoming time. For this reason, we need to know and understand it clearly.

Cloud Computing

All You Need To Know About Big Data Analytics

By Jessie L. Morgan → Tuesday, March 5, 2019
In the modern life, the big data analytics’ significant impacts and benefits are undeniable. If you’ve had no idea on what big data analytics is, please keep reading our article to stay updated.


Big data analytics investigates a huge amount of data to reveal the hidden correlations, insights, and patterns.

With the fast-paced development of technology, it’s easy as a piece of cake to analyze your data and find out the answers from it.

Understanding big data analytics thoroughly will be a big advantage as it could help you to develop your business faster than ever.

If you want to grasp more useful information about big data analytics, this article is written for you. So keep calm and read our article.

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#1. Big data analytics’ history and evolution

The concept of big data has been known for years; all organizations understand clearly that if they could collect all the data that pours into their businesses, they could analyze the data and get considerable value from it and drive profits. In the 1950s, decades before anyone expresses the term “big data,” enterprises were making use of basic analytics to discover trends and insights.

Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics

The new advantages that big data brings to the table are speed and effectiveness. While in the past, a business gathered, analyzed and gave out information that could be beneficial and used for future decisions, nowadays, business could pinpoint insights for prompt decisions. The strong capability to work faster gives companies a severe competition that they didn’t have before.

How does machine learning work? All you need to know

By Jessie L. Morgan → Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Many of us may hear about machine learning before. However, you might not have the full understandings of the way it works. Today we will discuss this topic in more details.

How does machine learning work? All you need to know