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How To Ensure You Will Have A Safe Cloud Storage

By Jessie L. Morgan → Tuesday, June 18, 2019
It can be a little risky to take your data to a provider's cloud platform. That said, various experts believe it's not any more so than storing it in your own data center. Risks can be a lot less if you do your homework and ensure you go with a cloud provider you feel completely comfortable with and you can trust with your information.

How To Ensure You Will Have A Safe Cloud Storage

Why Is Your Business Data Treated With Such Little Regard?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Sunday, May 19, 2019
Most businesses are aware that data is a very valuable asset to extract important information and provide a competitive edge. Those who use their data properly will continue to be successful. But then, why do so many suffer from data leaks? When's the last time you heard a business lost or misplaced their buildings, their company vehicles, or their employees? Never! Therefore, if data is so important it should be treated as such.

Why Is Your Business Data Treated With Such Little Regard? Big Data

The Problems Surrounding Big Data & The Cloud

By Jessie L. Morgan → Friday, April 12, 2019
One of the leading issues that's making things even worse rests in the technology industry which instead of solving problems is focusing only on recent trends. Not that long ago, everything was about clients, distributing data, and web services. Now, it's about machine learning that even though is important, there are other issues that must be addressed.

Enter Big Data And Lose Indexing & Search:

Unfortunately, indexing and search were thrown to the side of the road which has caused even greater problems. Many believe that the web would be a great deal smaller if search portals and Yahoo had reined in the 90s but then came the dot come and guess who rose to the top, Google. It was search that actually created big data and today's machine learning trend. Companies such as Google and Facebook needed to find out how to deal with their indexing and huge data distribution on the scale of the internet. They needed to find and organize data after discovering they needed services, content, and ideas from large groups of people, especially from the online community.

The Problems Surrounding Big Data & The Cloud

What Happens To Cloud Computing When Net Neutrality Is Dead?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Thursday, March 21, 2019
Net neutrality has been in news and discussion a lot lately, but as we see, there’s less attention on its impact on Cloud computing and small business.

Net neutrality has been in discussion a lot recently yet its association to, and influence on Cloud computing seems to draw less attention. Following the statement of Public Knowledge (primarily applying to both organizations and apps, not only individuals), Net neutrality is the key that every individual needs to be free to have access to the content and applications without any discrimination from the Internet service providers against other services online.

In other words, we can call it the rule that the firm linking you to the Internet won’t be able to control whatever you do online. But net neutrality owns various meanings based on individual perspective and marketing targets. So what can it really mean?

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#1. The True Meaning of Net Neutrality

What Happens To Cloud Computing When Net Neutrality Is Dead?
With Net neutrality, every bit is created equally

Top 5 Best Free Cloud Hosting Services Providers in 2019

By Jessie L. Morgan → Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Cloud Hosting Services Providers

Are you looking for the best free cloud hosting service providers? So, this is the time to continue to read our post right now.

Why Should You Invest in the Cloud Computing?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Monday, March 18, 2019
In general, the development of cloud computing has a huge market with many vendors of the segment. This is probably the time you should think of investing the cloud computing for your business.

Cloud Computing - Why Should You Invest in the Cloud Computing?

The Difference Between Data & Big Data

By Jessie L. Morgan → Saturday, March 16, 2019
As I'm sure you are aware, data is gathering and processing information and software in a timely manner. Big data is information that is enormous in volume and very complex. This big data cannot be collected, managed, or processed in a timely manner.

Big Data vs Data

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There is no clear line between what is considered Big Data but it's usually in multiples of petabytes and enormous projects in exabytes.

By rule of thumb, big data is defined by the 3 V's:

- Volume: an extreme level of data
- Variety: the number of different kinds of data
- Velocity: the amount of data that must be processed and analyzed.

Data that is established as big data comes from various places including social media, websites, mobile and desktop apps, scientific data, IoT (other devices in the internet of things, and sensors.

Big data comes from a variety of components that allow a business to put their data to practical use and solve any number of problems. This can include the IT infrastructure for supporting data, applied analytics, the technology for projects, various skills, and the actual use to make big data clear.