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Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Thursday, September 12, 2019
Don’t let your start-up fall behind the game. 10 reasons below will help you understand why you should adopt cloud hosting.

Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

Big Data Analytics In The Global Market

By Jessie L. Morgan →
What do you know about big data analytics? Why is it important in the world market? Keep reading this article.


It is undeniable that public clouds will become a promising method for analyzing a huge amount of data in the near future. Applying it in today technology ensures a concrete platform for the value. Admittedly, the work of analyzing big data at present time is so far different from that of previous days. Many specialists do hope that there will be a significant change in this field in coming years. I will help you understand more about this issue in my today article.

A significant change of big data analytics

In a recent report conducted by the Global Industry, the analytics of big data in 2017 tended to increase by more or less 25% compared with the previous year. This figure shocks a lot of people as it happened faster than others predict.

big data analytics

Cloud Computing Can Change The Future Of Our Societies

By Jessie L. Morgan →
Cloud Computing has become more and more popular among the society, and it has such a huge impact on our future that nobody should ignore. Let’s find out here!


Ten years ago, Cloud computing was regarded as a complex phraseology that only the industry insiders could understand and talk about it. After a decade, the popularity of AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud and multiple other providers has made the term “cloud” more familiar with Internet users all over the globe. Most of us now recognize them as an essential service for daily work and entertainment.

Cloud Computing

VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting – What Should You Select?

By Jessie L. Morgan → Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Should you select Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting? Check some major points about these before determining.

VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

The most common barriers to successful cloud computing migration

By Jessie L. Morgan → Tuesday, September 10, 2019
It’s necessary for organizations to beware common barriers to successful cloud computing migration. Check out our post to have an insight into this issue.


Many organizations find cloud migration beneficial to achieve the significant cost reduction, greater flexibility, increased mobility, and scalability. Whether the destination is a private, public, or hybrid cloud, many companies are continuing to adapt their workloads and applications to the cloud.
However, to ensure a successful journey to the cloud, it's also important for organizations to recognize some common barriers.

#1. Can cloud migration be easy?

The answer is yes, in case there are all well-designed applications, the databases with consistent and non-redundant structures, and clear and well-understood security requirements.

successful cloud computing migration

Top simplest ways for effective data analytics

By Jessie L. Morgan → Monday, September 9, 2019
The skill namely data analytics maybe something extremely advanced and macro to various people. Here’re some simple ways to conquer this skill.


Good data analytics is the key to your success, especially in the increasingly developing world today. Therefore, improve this essential strategy will make you more competitive in increasing demands of the current labor market.

Top simplest ways for effective data analytics

Why You Should Not Keep All Your Data Forever

By Jessie L. Morgan → Friday, September 6, 2019
For some reason, there are many businesses that believe their data should be secured and stored forever, after all, someday they might need it!.

It really doesn't matter what your company policies and procedures were for keeping all your data from back in the 90s, any reasons have become mute in this day and age.

 The data you are so desperately trying to keep is obsolete, outdated, and of no value. Any information that was possibly in old data has probably been recreated in new data, so clean house.

 If you are someone who loves to collect and store images of animals, whether cats, dogs, horses, tigers, etc. You probably have every shape, size, and breed possible. The point is, after a few years, you are going to discover this data holds no value, so why keep it?

Big Data